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“This is the most powerful and positive networking group in Maine. The people who attend these meetings are genuinely interested in building authentic relationships and are fully vested in helping promote one another.”
– Jim Bouchard, Internationally recognized leadership speaker and author of THE SENSEI LEADER and THINK Like a BLACK BELT

“Joining Think Local has been great for my business. I’ve learned a lot from other business owners and enjoy all the friendships I’ve made. I look forward to our meeting every week!”
– Lori Michaud, Consultant with Pure Haven Essentials

“I have been a member of Think Local since 2015, and attending networking meetings such as the ones with Think Local is a great way to connect with like-minded people and expand your business. Think Local is a great example of a well-run and flexible networking organization. The long term connections created are priceless. I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people who have helped me in my career with all of the diverse backgrounds that comprise the group. I would recommend whether you are a novice networker, or a seasoned vet, to jump in and attend a meeting to see the benefits for yourself.”
– Brian Enos, Liberty Mutual Insurance

“Not only has Think Local allowed me to build my business throughout the years, but it’s allowed me to meet wonderful people that have not only become business partners but good friends as well. TL has provided me with constant personal and professional development.”
– Rick Talbot, Customer Relations Manager, Gammons

“I was so fortunate to have found Think Local. Think Local really has helped me re-connect to the community after living out of state for a few years. Each week I am able to make new connections and really put a directed focus on developing the relationships I have recently made! After having great success, I wanted to expand my business and network, to a new area in Maine. I found the best way to dive in was to start a new chapter where I wanted to do business. I recommend it for everyone!”
– Holly Bruns, Account Executive at Gateway Title

“Aside from seeing my business grow, and developing some great referral relationships, as well as personal ones, my favorite thing about Think Local in our chapter is the Pay It Forward we do every week. It’s helped to focus more on the world around me and the subtle differences I can make.
– Jeff Long, Health & Wellness Consultant

“I have immensely enjoyed the helpful & interesting & diverse. People and businesses I have met thru Think Local! They have helped with referrals and connected me with people who can support and solve my diverse business needs”
– Cheri Greable, Scarborough Therapy

“I just did this analysis for the owners of my company. I’ve been a member of Think Local for 7 months now. My investment was $150 for membership, about $100 in meals for the noontime meetings I’ve been to, and about $50 in free samples. So my investment to date has been about $300. Trackable revenue associated with my Think Local membership to date is over $1200. So my return on investment is fantastic!”
– Andrea Parker Michaud, Training Specialist at Genesan

“Think Local is a growing, dynamic Maine membership organization where YOU will collaborate with growing, dynamic business people who will enrich your life in multiple ways. Your membership will enrich your life in myriad ways, both professionally and personally. Join today!”
– Rita H. Losee ScD, RN, Woman of Adventure, Doctor of Success, Proponent of Prosperity

Think Local is a great group! I am very excited to have found practitioners here who are interested in collaborating as Bowen colleagues and I form a broader team!”
– Ainslee Farrington, Bowenwork Practitioner at Whole Life Health Care

“Think Local has been a great help for Walt Reynolds and me both to build our business, Ship Shape Financial, and to enhance our personal lives with great products and great relationships with local business people. I would recommend our chapters to any local business who wants to grow.”
– Bob Frank, Ship Shape Financial

“Today marks 6 months since I started attending my Think Local networking meeting. I have met some of the most amazing and inspiring people. I have made some incredible new friends. I have learned so much about business. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have blossomed in ways I never thought possible. Thank you, Jackie, for introducing me to TL! It has been the most amazing addition to my life.”
– Annette Stevens, Independent Scentsy Consultant

“Since joining Think Local Brunswick in October of 2016, we have not only met many great business leaders and given them leads and referrals to hopefully help build their business, we, in turn, have gained new patients and increased the community awareness of hearing loss! It is worth the very small investment and you can visit any group. Their socials are great fun too!
– Chris Boucher, Great Scott Audiology

“Think Local has been life changing for me. From a nursing background to being a business owner, Think Local has helped me grow personally by leaps and bounds as well as teach me the ropes of owning my own business. The friendships are bar none the best I have ever made. Thank you for helping this lady grow and thrive in her dream job.”
– Connie Ayotte, Independent LegalShield Associate

“Think Local has been an incredible boom to my business! I have connected with local business owners who have a genuine interest in supporting other business owners through the power of networking and buying local. I have doubled my business in a year, and I owe most of that to the great connections I have made through Think Local. Membership is an incredible value for the money, and each event I have attended has been time well spent.”
– Priscilla Hansen Mahoney,

“I am so grateful for Think Local  on so many levels. You are doing wonderful things for the state of Maine. My victory celebration last Sunday was a lovely combination of campaign volunteers and donors, a few constituents, and a lot of the wonderful Think Local friends I’ve come to know through your organization.

Spending time with them at my victory celebration, I gave credit where credit is due: to you –Think Local, the organization that gave me the confidence, the motivation, and the connections to get out there and work hard for the hard working people in Maine who believe in this great state, it’s people, and will work hard together to forge relationships that give meaning and purpose to life and prosperity.

Thank you for all that you do. The intensity of the campaign season gave way to the intensity of enrollments putting time at a premium; I miss the Think Local weekly meetings and monthly events, and look forward to getting back and behind this wonderful organization that you have created.”

Thanks again!
Karen Vachon, State Representative at Maine State House

“I had the pleasure of attending the weekly meeting in Westbrook this morning and was happily surprised by everyone’s focus and involvement. I look forward to learning more about this program and attending future events.”   Your providing a great resource for our community!   Big Thanks,
– Adam Carrier, Infinity Federal Credit Union

“I must say you are doing an outstanding job with Think Local. I really love the group in Freeport.”
– Brian Bartlett, Edward Jones

“At the height of the recession with 71 people a week out of work attending the Unemployed Professionals Group for over a year it was obvious that many would not find another job and they opted to go into self-employment. That decision being made the next one was what to do next and where to go? Then along came Jeff Ball and he said, “ Cindy, I’d like to do something to help your group members.” He opened Think Local events up to my group and what came after was history. I got the members out to the networking events and approximately 20 new businesses were started as a result and are still growing strong to this day.

Jeff Ball had a vision and it included every single one of us in this room tonight. Think Local is just that, a community networking group that has grown into one of the strongest networking groups in the state for the small business owner. It’s an honor to be here tonight to help celebrate Think Local’s 5th anniversary! Remember you may be in business for yourself but with Think Local you are never in business by yourself!”

– Cindy Edwards, Bureau of Employment Services, Portland CareerCenter

Think Local Community Networking has been a great way for me to get to know business owners in the area. It has allowed me to see what is going on in the business community and make great friendships. My business would not be the same without Think LOCAL!

Jake Mills, U.S. Cellular, Retail Wireless Business Consultant

“I have loved connecting with others through Think Local. As a business owner, we have done surveys to see how most people hear about us and 80% is by word of mouth and the experience they have at our shop. Building relationships is key in any business and its ability to grow and truly caring about people throughout life, not just after a sale. Think Local allows business owners to build that relationship that empowers people confidently to refer others businesses.
In gratitude and appreciation”

Betty Reynolds, Big Moose Harley-Davidson, 375 Riverside Street, Portland, Maine 04103

“I enjoy attending the Think Local Meetings each week ( I belong to two different groups) and find them to be very helpful in spreading the word about the high quality in-home care services provided by Advantage Home Care for elderly clients who want to remain at home but need assistance to do so.. Think Local members have also been a good source for employees as well since we are always recruiting additional caregivers for my staff. Interested families can learn more about my services at or by calling us directly at 207-699-2570.”

Richard Blumenthal, CSAd, Certified Senior Advisor & President/Owner, Advantage Home Care LLC, 550 Forest Ave Suite 206, Portland, Maine 04101

“I have a constant flow of business because of Think Local Community Networking, building real and lasting relationships through our weekly Chapters. There are multiple area meetings so, together with my business partners, we have been able to build a strong, positive presence from Waterville, Maine to Dover, NH.”

Nola Fennessy, LegalShield, Regional Vice President & Independent Associate

“As a fee-only financial planner, I have the unique situation of having to send my clients to other professionals who assist them in carrying out my recommendations. My fiduciary obligation prevents me from recommending anything in which I personally benefit, thus I must find other professionals to provide these services to my clients. Think Local! has been instrumental in the building of my practice, as I have met many of the people I now recommend for those tasks.”

Eric Simonds, MsFP, Saltwater Harbor Financial

“I regularly attend the Think Local Freeport meeting, and have built up great business referral partners as well as lifelong friends. I love that multiple people of the same industry can be involved. Most often, the ‘duplicates’ end up complementing each other, rather than being in conflict. I also love that people have the option to only come once a month, or once a week, or whenever they can make it. Keep up the good work!”

Jane Tuttle, Business Ownership Coach, The Entrepreneur’s Source

“What a great event I attended this month at the Health Source of Portland West! I was networking with many professionals, won a prize, and have been invited to do Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Workshops. Thank you Think Local Community Networking! It’s been great meeting new people and building business relationships!”

Natalia Irving, Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach, Juice Plus+ Franchise Owner

“I was new to Maine and looking for a job in sales. I had no luck sending out my resume so when I learned about the Think Local network events I attended as many as I could, letting everyone know that I was looking for a sales position. After just a few meetings, a recruiter came up to me and told me about a position he had available with a local newspaper company. He arranged an interview and within a few weeks I was hired! I am very grateful for Think Local Community Networking and the friendship and support I have received.”

Nancy E Hon, Financial Professional Associate, Prudential Financial

“Your hard work and passion with Think Local has paid off over the past four years and inspired many others to connect, take a leap and to live their passions in pursuing their goals!!! Keep up the great work!!!”
Caron Bryan , Port City Models & Talent, Inc.

“Dear Family & Friends, The Bounty of Blessings continue. It was an overwhelming honor to be the featured presenter at theThink Local 4th Year Celebration. This inspirational speaker was inspired by the commitment, passion, and professional of local entrepreneurs doing their best to grow their dreams and serve our communities. Capacity attendance included business leaders from Maine and New Hampshire. The final ovation led to numerous inquiries for follow-up seminars in Maine and beyond. I told them: Have Message-Will Travel. Many thanks to “Think Local” for providing a platform to encourage and support civic-minded business leaders. Photo: 1-Jeff Ball & JJ, 2-JJ Keynote, 3-Enthalled Gathering, 4-Displaying Maine Boomers Newspaper (my business card), 5-Caron Bryan-Port City Models & Talent, 6-Celebration Cake, 7-Think Local Leadership Team. Thank you one and all for this exceptional opportunity to share a few words of inspiration.”
John Jenkins

“Just a short note to thank you for your efforts in launching Think LOCAL! in locations across the state. You are as passionate aboutThink LOCAL! as I am about my business. Just want you to know that you are appreciated by all of us businesses owners who are enjoying the benefits of this networking forum.”
Margaret Helmuth, Send Out Cards

Think Local Community Networking is a wonderful group with a good idea. It will grow and be strong! Already people are benefiting from it in the Bangor area.”
April 2013
Robin Aston, Bangor

“I found a group of highly motivated individuals keen to develop meaningful professional relationships in a time when networking is often seen as a computer based activity only. Think Local has found a true purpose and has grown its membership by a factor of two, to over 1,000 members in the last six months. It will be fascinating to see how Think Local grows as more people realize the value of this unique organization.”
David Back, Cape Elizabeth

“Thanks for such a great event this month and EVERY month! You are doing so much for Southern Maine’s businesses and nonprofits!”
Nola Fennessy, LegalShield

“One of my biggest 2012 highlights was the friends I’ve met through Think LOCAL! – I cannot thank you enough. Think LOCAL! has provided me a venue that give me peace and joy while doing business.”
Karen Vachon, Insphere Insurance Solutions

“Regularly attending Think LOCAL! meetings has been one of the best business decisions I could make. The connections I have made have been invaluable to me. The people in the group really care about each other and have made many referrals on my behalf. I can’t thank them enough.”
Colby Colarossi, ADP Payroll

“Jeff, Thanks MUCH for this VERY IMPORTANT information! May I please register to attend the Business Mixer? I met an employer at last week’s FANTASTIC Think LOCAL Community Networking event! I am optimistic that I will be hired by this employer! I am VERY GRATEFUL to you!”
William Carmichael, Member, Think LOCAL!

“A few snowstorms ago, through Think LOCAL! you posted an invitation for folks to go help Time4Printing move. I went and had a blast! Met Michelle while I was there. Yesterday, she interviewed me for an article she’s writing for the Eagle — watch for me next week. And scheduled me to speak at her son’s Boy Scout meeting in another few weeks. I love synergistic success! Thanks for posting that volunteer opportunity.”
Rita Losse, Small Group & Employee Benefits Specialist

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