Executive Director, Jeff Ball stops by the Redhead Audio Productions studio.  Casual conversation between owner Brenda Brown and Jeff.   Next steps for Think Local.

MORE INFO on Think Local:   Each week we highlight a local business with the leader or salesperson of that business.   They will be interviewed and give advice on their particular area of expertise.  We will also have other special guests & topics pertaining to growing your business & the local Maine communities.   Think LOCAL is an organization open to all, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses grow through effective networking and relationship building while supporting local non-profit organizations.    www.thinklocalusa.org   207-767-7788

Podcasts powered by RedHead Audio Productions  https://www.redheadaudio.com    If you would like to be a featured guest on upcoming podcasts please send a note to JeffBall@ThinkLocalusa.org or call the office at 207-767-7788.