Michael Mercer Invented The Patent Pending F3 Defense System After 30 Years In Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention.

He saw the need for the average citizen to protect themselves, legally with NON-lethal force. He teamed up with Gary, a veteran lead driver with over 15 years in  the trucking industry along with another 30 year law enforcement veteran, Jay, who is a retired special agent who served in the Diplomatic Security Service of the U.S. Department of State.

Michael started  the CAS (Chemical Agent Specialists) program, and wanted a system to disperse a large amount of pepper spray equally to a dangerous crowd that was portable and effective. He has worked with Sabre, the world’s number one Pepper Spray company for over 8 years and knew Sabre’s Law Enforcement grade pepper spray would be the perfect fit. Using the talent of all 3 they designed an easy to install system for tractor trailers and large trucks. After months of intense testing they settled on the highest quality products for a long  lasting and dependable disbursement system. With a Patent pending design they have just opened it up to the market with truckers being the group with the most immediate need of protection.

Michael Mercer Consulting, President, F3Defense, CEO/Founder, 207-893-8210, Cell 207-699-8840, www.f3defensestore.com 

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