At age 30, Rita read Helen Keller’s words: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Immediately those words became the grounding of her life mission statement: “My Life is to be a life of adventure…” Almost 50 years later, the adventure grows.  She has a new business which is enabling me to help seniors gain/regain/sustain their health. One new and amazing breakthrough product is an affordable, noninvasive way to activate your stem cells. This and more on the podcast!  Connect with Rita Losee on Facebook or  207-837-8865

MORE INFO on Think Local:   Each week we highlight a local business with the leader or salesperson of that business.   They will be interviewed and give advice on their particular area of expertise.  We will also have other special guests & topics pertaining to growing your business & the local Maine communities. Be on the next podcast!  Think LOCAL is an organization open to all, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses grow through effective networking and relationship building while supporting local non-profit organizations.   207-767-7788

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