Our standard service starts at the top of your property with the roof and concludes in the foundation. We conduct a limited and non-invasive review of your drainage, structural, venting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, and most major appliances. Its a process that can take between 2-3 hrs, on average, to complete.  Once we are done, you can expect to receive a thorough report that notes any major defects or safety concerns. Additionally, our reporting provides maintenance recommendations based on your specific property that you can use to protect your investment for years to come. The mission of our business is to get you informed with a property’s condition so you can have CONFIDENCE in your purchasing decisions. As part of our appreciation for your trust in us, we remain available to answer  any questions about your inspections for as long as you own your home or investment property.   Connect with Chris here: 207-518-2718   chris@confidenceinspections.me    https://www.confidenceinspections.me 

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